Chinese Name 中文名字 張俊飘

English Name 英文名字 Phil Truong

Age 年齡 23

Horoscope 星座 Pisces(雙魚)

Favorite Colour 最喜歡的顏色 White (白色)

Favorite Sports 最熱愛的陽光運動 Bodybuilding, Volleyball, Basketball, and Badminton (健身,排球,籃球,羽毛球)

Favorite Food 最喜歡的食物 Steak, Chicken Wings, Ribs, Sushi, and Smelly Tofu (牛排,雞翼,肋排,壽司,臭豆腐)

Favorite Place to Visit 最想遊覽的地方 Vancouver, France, Japan and Costa Rica (溫哥華,法國,日本,哥斯達黎加)

Your Future Plan 對未來的規劃 I would love to have the opportunity to start my own fitness brand. (開創我自己的運動品牌)

Hobbies 興趣 Fishing, Hiking, Sports and other outdoor activities (垂釣,遠足,戶外活動)

Motivation(s) to apply "Sunshine Generations 2015". 什麼原因驅使你參加 “陽光世代2015”?      No fear of taking on challenges (不怕挑戰)

What is your strength and outstanding area? (E.g.: appearance/attitude/activities) 什麼是你優勝及突出之處? (例如:外貌/ 身型/ 運動/ 興趣) My strong point would definitely be my determination and willingness to take on challenges. You will never know how far you can go, or what you can accomplish in life without challenging yourself. (我的決心和勇於挑戰的意願。如果沒有挑戰,你就不會知道你的人生能有多大的成就)

What do you think of your future? Do you desire to work at entertainment businesses (E.g.: TV / Radio)? 你想從事的職業? 願意從事演藝事業嗎? (例如: 電視/ 電台) Working in the entertainment industry would be a very rewarding career. The fitness industry seems to be very American centric. I would love to be able to bring the fitness lifestyle and culture into our Asian communities.(健身行業目前風靡北美,我希望能把同樣健康的生活方式和文化帶如亞洲群體)

Please rank the following aspects beginning from “The Most Important”, and briefly explain the reason for your first priority. [Family/ Career/ Friends/ Love] 請將 [家庭/ 事業/ 友情/ 愛情],由最重要開始排列,並解釋選出首位的原因。 Love, family, friends and lastly career. I selected love to be my priority because without it; family, friends and my careers would be meaningless. To be loved or to love someone is the greatest feeling on earth. (愛,家庭,朋友,事業。沒有愛,任何事情都沒有意義,愛與被愛都是世界上最幸福的事)