Chinese Name 中文名字 張芷珮

English Name 英文名字 Selina Cheung

Age 年齡 18

Horoscope 星座 Capricorn (摩羯)

Favorite Colour 最喜歡的顏色 Purple (紫色)

Favorite Sports 最熱愛的陽光運動 Dance, badminton, skiing, swimming (跳舞,羽毛球,滑雪,游泳)

Favorite Food 最喜歡的食物 Fruits (水果)

Favorite Place to Visit 最想遊覽的地方 I don’t have a specific favourite place to visit because I enjoy travelling as it allows me to experience different cultures, languages, food and people which is very fascinating and inspiring to me. (我並沒有具體的最愛的地方,但我喜歡旅行本身,去體會各種不同的文化,語言,食物和當地的人。)

Your Future Plan 對未來的規劃 My future plan for now is to attend university coming September to discover more about my interests and passions but if other opportunities arise, I would definitely take them into consideration. (今年九月我就會進入大學,到時會努力探索各個領域來找到自己最愛的發展方向。)

Hobbies 興趣 Dancing, listening to music, reading, baking (跳舞,聽音樂,閱讀,烘焙)

Motivation(s) to apply "Sunshine Generations 2015". 什麼原因驅使你參加 “陽光世代2015”?      I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself through this opportunity, as well as to gain more experiences, learn new things, meet new people, and be able to do what I love; to perform on stage. (挑戰自己,得到更多經歷,學習新鮮事物,邂逅新的朋友,做我喜歡的事情。)  

What is your strength and outstanding area? (E.g.: appearance/attitude/activities) 什麼是你優勝及突出之處? (例如:外貌/ 身型/ 運動/ 興趣) My determination, positivity, and open attitude about trying new things are definitely outstanding strengths of mine. (我的決心,樂觀和開放的態度)

What do you think of your future? Do you desire to work at entertainment businesses (E.g.: TV / Radio)? 你想從事的職業? 願意從事演藝事業嗎? (例如: 電視/ 電台) I am interested in the entertainment industry, but for now, I will be attending university. However if chances come, then I would grab onto them. (目前我要唸書,但如果有機會能進入演藝事業,我一定會抓住它)

Please rank the following aspects beginning from “The Most Important”, and briefly explain the reason for your first priority. [Family/ Career/ Friends/ Love] 請將 [家庭/ 事業/ 友情/ 愛情],由最重要開始排列,並解釋選出首位的原因。 Family definitely comes first because once one is able to establish a good relationship with their family, then they will be able to create positive and healthy relationships with others. Career comes next, then friends and love are equal. (家庭絕對是最重要的因為如果能和家人建立一個好的關係,那麼也同樣有能力和其他人建立好的關係。事業排在第二,友情和愛情等重。)