Chinese Name 中文名字 馮迦頌

English Name 英文名字 Julian Fung

Age 年齡 20 (21 as of July 17)

Horoscope 星座 Cancer (巨蟹)

Favorite Colour 最喜歡的顏色 Blue (藍色)

Favorite Sports 最熱愛的陽光運動 Volleyball, Snowboarding (排球,滑雪)

Favorite Food 最喜歡的食物 Curry Fish balls, Korean Food (咖喱魚蛋,韓食)

Favorite Place to Visit 最想遊覽的地方 Hong Kong/South Korea (香港,韓國)

Your Future Plan 對未來的規劃 Nurse/Teacher (護理、教師)

Hobbies 興趣 Singing, Exploring Korean culture, hanging out with friends (唱歌,探索韓國文化,和朋友聚會)

Motivation(s) to apply "Sunshine Generations 2015". 什麼原因驅使你參加 “陽光世代2015”?      Meet new people and learn new things. (學習新東西,遇到新朋友)

What is your strength and outstanding area? (E.g.: appearance/attitude/activities) 什麼是你優勝及突出之處? (例如:外貌/ 身型/ 運動/ 興趣) My strength is my attitude in willingness to overcome my weaknesses and to grow. This exudes in my boldness for giving things a try and for taking the step forward. (我對於克服困難的意志力,因為有這種力量我才可以不斷嘗試新鮮事物並且向前行進。)

What do you think of your future? Do you desire to work at entertainment businesses (E.g.: TV / Radio)? 你想從事的職業? 願意從事演藝事業嗎? (例如: 電視/ 電台) I have only thought of a general future for myself - a job and a family. However, I haven not thought much about the details as I like to focus on the present rather on the things that do not really matter at the moment. I have a desire to work at the entertainment industry, but I also desire to do other things as well. (我的將來,一份事業一個家庭。但是並沒有具體成型的計劃。我願意從事演藝事業。)

Please rank the following aspects beginning from “The Most Important”, and briefly explain the reason for your first priority. [Family/ Career/ Friends/ Love] 請將 [家庭/ 事業/ 友情/ 愛情],由最重要開始排列,並解釋選出首位的原因。 I rank Love first, Family second, Friends third, and Career last. The reason I rank love first is because the rest in my opinion emanate from love. It is because of Love that Family would still be Family and Friends that would like to be with Friends. It also because of Love that how a career would start would be because of a Love to do something. It is because of Love that I desire to take care of my family and it because of Love that I desire to hang out with friends. What's also great is that a stronger love between friends eventually basically becomes family. (愛,家庭,友情,事業。我覺得愛情是一切的根本,因為有愛,才有了家庭,友情,和事業。)