Chinese Name 中文名字 梁嘉熲

English Name 英文名字 Alvin Leung

Age 年齡 21

Horoscope 星座 Cancer(巨蟹座)

Favorite Colour 最喜歡的顏色 Green (綠色)

Favorite Sports 最熱愛的陽光運動 European Handball (手球)

Favorite Food 最喜歡的食物 Takoyaki (章魚燒)

Favorite Place to Visit 最想遊覽的地方 Hong Kong (香港)

Your Future Plan 對未來的規劃 My future plan is to get into real estate (進入地產行業)

Hobbies 興趣 Working out, hanging out with friends, listening to music (運動,和朋友聚會,聽音樂)

Motivation(s) to apply "Sunshine Generations 2015". 什麼原因驅使你參加 “陽光世代2015”?      I think the Sunshine Generation is a great place to better myself, meet new friends, and have a great time. (提升自己,遇到新的朋友)

What is your strength and outstanding area? (E.g.: appearance/attitude/activities) 什麼是你優勝及突出之處? (例如:外貌/ 身型/ 運動/ 興趣) I think my strength/outstanding area is my attitude. For example, if there is a situation where things aren’t going well I would not give up and keep trying until I have accom-plished the task or gave it my all. (我的態度。我從來不會放棄,就算失敗也會再三嘗試。)

What do you think of your future? Do you desire to work at entertainment businesses (E.g.: TV / Radio)? 你想從事的職業? 願意從事演藝事業嗎? (例如: 電視/ 電台) If there was an opportunity to work within the entertainment business I think I would. I think the entertainment business is a very interesting place to be in and would love to give it a shot. (如果有機會的話我會抓住,是個很有趣的行業)

Please rank the following aspects beginning from “The Most Important”, and briefly explain the reason for your first priority. [Family/ Career/ Friends/ Love] 請將 [家庭/ 事業/ 友情/ 愛情],由最重要開始排列,並解釋選出首位的原因。 I think family is always the most important because out of all the other options you can only have one family in your entire life and nothing can replace that unlike switching ca-reers, meeting new friends, or finding love. (家庭,事業,朋友,愛情。家庭是唯一一個不可替代伴你一生的存在,然而你總是可能擁有新的事業,朋友和愛情)